Energy Assessments Division

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The mission of the Energy Assessments Division is to conduct assessments of California's energy systems and trends, providing information for decision-makers and the public resulting in policies that balance the need for adequate resources with economic, public health, safety, and environmental goals. The division's emphasis is on building staff capabilities in the latest modeling and analytical techniques.

The Energy Assessments Division was created in 2014, superseding the Commission's former Electricity Supply Analysis Division.

Division Director
Sylvia Bender, Deputy Director
E-mail: Sylvia.Bender @
Phone: 916-653-6841

Judi Carter, Executive Assistant
E-mail: Judith.Carter @
Phone: 916-654-4522

Division Offices

The Energy Assessments Division has two main offices:

  • Supply Analysis Office
  • Demand Analysis Office

Supply Analysis Office

The Supply Analysis Office collects data, produces analysis, and provides policy expertise on a wide range of energy supply issues. With a focus on the markets and infrastructure that provide energy to California, the office is comprised of engineers, economists, and other scientists who are able to provide a multi-disciplinary view of California's energy sector. The Supply Analysis Office is comprised of four teams of analysts:

  • Natural Gas Unit – Collects data and provides analysis and modeling of natural gas markets and infrastructure on a global, national, and regional level.
  • Procurement and Modeling Unit – Collects data and provides analysis and modeling of electricity infrastructure at the high voltage transmission level across the western United States.
  • Distributed Generation Integration Unit – Provides analysis and technical expertise on a wide range of issues associated with integrating distributed energy resources into California's electric grid at both the transmission and distribution levels.
  • Transportation Fuels Data Unit – Collects data and provides analysis of liquid fuels supply across California. This unit focuses on petroleum-based fuels and the markets and infrastructure supporting them throughout the state.

For information, please contact:

California Energy Commission
Supply Analysis Office
1516 Ninth Street, MS-20
Sacramento, CA 95814
Main Phone: 916-651-0466

Demand Analysis Office

The Demand Analysis Office provides energy demand forecasts to policymakers by collecting and analyzing data on electricity peak demand and consumption, natural gas consumption, and transportation fuel use. Other information used to develop these forecasts includes projected economic and demographic growth, projected changes in rates and other costs, estimated impacts of energy efficiency efforts, and historic weather data. The staff of engineers, economists, and statisticians also relies on information collected using surveys to better understand how Californians' behavior and use of appliances, business and industrial equipment, and vehicles affect energy demand. The electricity and natural gas forecasts are used in various planning processes that are meant to ensure that California customers can rely on an adequate energy supply at reasonable prices. The transportation forecasts provide an assessment of progress toward meeting California's alternative fuel goals. The Demand Analysis Office is comprised of four teams of analysts:

  • Demand Forecasting Unit – Runs and maintains various forecasting models used to develop the Energy Commission's electricity and natural gas demand forecasts.
  • Data Collection Unit – Collects data and provides analysis of electricity and natural gas consumption by residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural customers in California.
  • Data Analysis and Survey Unit – Oversees surveys conducted to analyze how Californians choose to use energy in their homes and businesses.
  • Transportation Energy Forecasting Unit – Develops transportation energy demand and price forecasts for petroleum and alternative fuels used by vehicles to carry passengers and freight in California.

For information, please contact:

California Energy Commission
Demand Analysis Office
1516 Ninth Street, MS-22
Sacramento, CA 95814
Main Phone: 916-654-4755

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