Kevin Barker - Chief of Staff
Chair Weisenmiller’s Office

Kevin Barker is the chief of staff for California Energy Commission Chair Robert B. Weisenmiller. As chief of staff, Mr. Barker assists Chair Weisenmiller and represents the Energy Commission more broadly on issues such as international relations, military partnerships, and long-term planning for the use of energy resources. Mr. Barker led the inaugural California-Germany Bilateral Energy Conference, facilitates clean-energy MOUs with the Navy and Marine Corps, and is instrumental in Southern California energy planning in light of the expected closure of the Aliso Canyon natural gas facility within the next 10 years. Mr. Barker also more broadly acts as a facilitator between divisions as well as commissioners offices.

Mr. Barker has work for Chair Weisenmiller since May 2010. He began as his energy policy advisor focusing on the development of renewable energy on state property and planning Governor Brown’s conference on local renewable energy resources. Prior to working for the Chair, Mr. Barker worked in the Energy Commission’s Renewable Energy Office where he supported the development of Integrated Energy Policy Reports required of utilities. Mr. Barker holds two degrees from University of California, Irvine, one in environmental science and one in film studies.

Mr. Barker is an avid soccer fan and has been to the last three World Cups. He lives in Sacramento with his wife, Diana, and dog, Abby.