Robert B. Weisenmiller, Ph.D.

Picture of Commissioner Robert B. Weisenmiller

Appointed by Governor Schwarzenegger
Jan 2010 to Jan 2011
Appointed by Governor Brown
Jan 2011 to Jan 2015
Re-appointed by Governor Brown
Jan 2015

Appointed Chair February 2011
Re-appointed Chair January 2015

Phone: 916-654-5036

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Chair Robert Weisenmiller was appointed as member and Chair to the California Energy Commission in January 2011 by Governor Jerry Brown and re-appointed in January 2015. He fills the Engineer/Scientist position on the five-member Commission where four of the five members by law are required to have professional training in specific areas - engineering or physical science, environmental protection, economics, and law. Commissioner Weisenmiller brings more than 30 years energy experience to the Commission including expertise in electricity and gas markets and California regulatory policies. Chair Weisenmiller has served as an expert witness in more than 100 state and federal regulatory commission proceedings and has authored numerous publications on electricity and natural gas markets. Chair Weisenmiller is the lead commissioner on the Energy Commission's budget and management, legislative and intergovernmental matters, international relations, military partnerships, energy research, development, demonstration and deployment, climate change, combined heat and power and electricity and natural gas markets.

Before his appointment, Chair Weisenmiller, a co-founder of MRW & Associates, used his expertise to assist businesses, financial institution, regulatory commissions, and public agencies in strategic planning, policy development, analyzing energy markets and regulations, power pricing for qualifying facility projects, marginal cost analysis, rate design and implications of utility mergers. Commissioner Weisenmiller was also the co-founder and Executive Vice President of Independent Power Corporation.

Chair Weisenmiller's career also included a previous period of public service with the Energy Commission as Advisor to Commissioner, Manager of the Special Projects Office, and Director of the Office of Policy and Program Evaluation in the period between 1977 and 1982.

Chair Weisenmiller holds a Doctorate in Chemistry and a Masters in Energy and Resources from University of California Berkeley and received his Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from Providence College.

Chair's Activities

California-Beijing Clean Technology Innovation Partnership Launching Ceremony

Governor Brown, Chair Weisenmiller and Chair Mary D. Nichols at the California-Beijing Clean
Technology & Innovation Partnership launching Ceremony on June 7, 2017.

Secretary George Shultz introduces Chair Weisenmiller at Silicon Valley Energy Summit 2016.

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